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November/December 2002 

Introduction to “Resolving the Threefold Paradox”

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The ultimate arrogance of global nihilism and its despicable intentions are soon to be fully unmasked. “The hour of his judgment is come” (Revelation 14:7).

The foundational truth that God as Jesus Christ alone is the Covenant and its Fulfillment is being revealed. He alone has already overturned all possession, all dispossessive exclusion, all contractual bondage, all sin and death. He alone has effected covenantal liberation, justice, faith, hope and love. “The hour of his judgment is come.”

God now calls mankind to be witnesses before his throne. He calls mankind to acknowledge, accept and celebrate his revelation in the final court of judgment. He calls mankind to embrace his longing to return and to transform Creation into his own likeness. It is therefore time to grant Jesus Christ his justice, for “The hour of his judgment is come.”

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Overview of This Article

For thousands of years mankind has wrestled with three fundamental paradoxes. (1) There is the paradox of God’s absence (from Creation) and God’s presence (to Creation). As “otherness,” God is distinct and separate from Creation. Yet, as the apostle Paul declared, there is nothing that can separate us from God’s love – from his presence with us. (2) Then there is the paradox of negation and affirmation. Primal Creation was endowed with the innate ability to say “no” to God – a freedom which mankind has exercised even to the point of choosing to deny its own humanity, dispense with Creation, and even murder the Creator himself. Yet there is also the freedom for mankind to say “yes” to God – the freedom to affirm the gift of life and enter into mutual communion with the Lifegiver. (3) Finally, there is the paradox of inauguration and consummation. Although the paradoxes of absence/presence and negation/affirmation have been resolved in God’s becoming human as Jesus Christ, there still remains the full realization of the mutual human relationality there inaugurated. This imminent consummation only awaits mankind’s willingness to accept the gift of God’s presence and action on our behalf.

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