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October 2001 

Introduction to “The Dawn of Self-Consciousness”

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God’s ongoing Creation (creatio continua) — which has progressively brought forth the physical universe, biological life and, finally, humanity — is not inconsistent with the Genesis account of Creation. In the Hebrew language the biblical account is actually written in the future tense and, therefore, constitutes a prophetic statement of what God will accomplish!

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Overview of This Article

The Creator has been in the process of calling into existence what can best be called “human” relationality. Thus, the goal of the One-and-Only God has been to bring into existence “others” with whom he could enjoy human communication and fellowship — and who could enjoy human communication and fellowship with him. Since human reality, including human revelation, cannot exist without the conscious “otherness” of human parties, it is essential that both God and man meet at the “human” level — that is, as fellow humans. If this did not occur, the result would be something like trying to enjoy a “human” relationship with an ant!

There is, then, the marvelous history of a Creation that moves inexorably toward its human goal. This goal not only must embrace mankind’s journey from animal to human. It also must embrace a parallel journey for God. Mankind must have a human consciousness of “otherness” that can freely relate to God. God, too, must exercise a human consciousness of “otherness” that can freely relate to mankind. Thus, God and mankind are on a journey together toward mutual relationality.

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